Allo Allo - what's going on 'ere


Forest FM at Ringwood Carnival 2006


Are we ready ? When does it get dark ?

Mine's quite small in comparison - but it looks good !

Come on then !

Ben and Neil from Basket Case

We're off through the streets of Ringwood

Market Square - where things got quite loud !

Spectacular !

Back at base !

Dividing up the beer !

How did we do ?

Neil - " I love watching people work ! "

Thank you very much to Basket Case, Paul Jerome and all his mates !

Dean & Dyball , Ringwood - lorry & trailer (Pat Thorne manager & Roy the driver).

Gemini Riteway, Ringwood - scaffolding - (Ken manager, Larry scaffolder on site)

Basketcase - rock band (Neil vocalslkeyboards, Stuart guitars, Ben bass, and lan drums)

EBS Sound Services, Damerham (Michael) - P A system.

Robert Thorne & Son, Three Legged Cross - supplied timber.

Timber Trims Wools bridge -(Barry) supplied laminated chipboard panels.

Steve Perrins Building supplies, Ringwood - polythene roof sheeting.

Motorbitz, Ferndown - paint and bitz.

Apex Sprayshop,Ebblake (Nigel Groom)- spray paint and thinners.

New Forest Signs, Verwood - vinyl lettering

Lettering & Logos, Ringwood - vinyl lettering

Multi Signs, Hightown - vinyl lettering

Quick Signs, Hightown - vinyl lettering

Dupli-k8 - printers of Ringwood (Nick) - for leaflets.

Sponsors of leaflets - Contact Carpets of Ringwood, Verwood Ford and Moortown Mill Carpets of Verwood.

Lights, paint and joinery - Maywood of Ringwood (lan, John, Steve, Malcolm and Roy)

Christchurch Angling Club - loan of 2 generators

Southern-Drainage Services of Sandleheath - loan of generator, Labourers & tea makers

All the ForestFM crew plus Dave, Andy, Rosie, Sian, Smiffy.