Forest FM's volunteer reporters have been out and about, visiting the villages within the Chalk and Cheese area of East Dorset.

A small village on the edge of Cranborne Chase. This is the estate village which has been the home of one of Dorset's noblest families, the Earls of Shaftesbury, who as the Ashley-Coopers have been here since the 15th century. At the centre of the village is a green partly surrounded by large brick buildings. The long row of almshouses were built by Sir Anthony Ashley in 1624. The church of St. Giles was built in 1732, and then rebuilt in 1908 after being badly damaged in a fire. The church contains many fine monuments to the Shaftesburys. The main memorial to the 7th Earl however is to be found in London. The statue of Eros, in Piccadilly Circus, intended to show the Christian virtue love and whose arrow is aligned with Wimborne St. Giles.

From the selection below you can click to play or download the features recorded at Wimborne St. Giles.


Alan Cooper - Long term Wimborne St Giles resident and ex school teacher.

Alan Cooper

David Pashkins - Rector.

David Pashkins

Charlie Hathaway - antique jar collector.

Charlie Hathaway

Don Taylor - Local Hurdle Maker.

Don Taylor

Tony Cottrell - Master Thatcher.

Tony Cottrell

Martin Cubit .

Martin Cubit

Jim Marks from the Stour Valley Stompers.

Jim Marks

Stour Valley Stompers snippet.