Forest FM's volunteer reporters have been out and about, visiting the villages within the Chalk and Cheese area of East Dorset.

WOODLANDS was given the church of the Ascension in 1892 by the Countess of Shaftesbury. At the T-junction to the north-west of the village (Remedy Gate) is an ancient oak with a plaque recording that in the 16th century ‘According to tradition King Edward VI sat beneath this tree and touched for the King’s Evil.’ Just outside Woodlands is the exclusive golf club 'Remedy Oak.' Woodlands has a village hall, an old school house, a couple of lovely churches and surprisingly, an Indian Restaurant !

From the selection below you can click to play or download the features recorded at Woodlands.

Richard and Rieta have run the Dairy Farm at Woodlands for many years.

Woodlands Dairy

We spoke to Chris Reid, Church Warden at Woodlands, during the Summer Flower Festival.

Chris Reid Church Warden

A tour of the old school house.

Chris Reid Church Warden

Additional school house information from owner Jeremy