Never tried radio advertising ? It’s second only to cinema advertising when it comes to ad avoidance. We’re in your car, in your kitchen and quite often in your workplace ! We’re online too ! Just ask Alexa to play Forest FM. Call us or email and find out just how cost effective it can be to tightly focus your message in an area covering almost 100,000 people. We broadcast 24 hours-a-day but advertising will only be broadcast between 7 am and 7 pm – so you get maximum value and don’t waste money when people are watching the telly ! What’s more – we are much cheaper than newspapers and magazines.

If you are a local business and want to reach your customers in a most cost-effective way, then check out our fantastic advertising rates

There are also a very limited number of sponsorship deals available enabling your company to be promoted every hour, (weather bulletins,community items etc.)


No radio station can tell you exactly how many people listen on their FM frequency. It’s always a guestimate based on asking a few hundred people every now and again. However, we do know that up to 75,000 are able to listen to us throughout East Dorset and the New Forest. Lots of them do !

We do know exactly how many people listen on line though – and we have seen up to 100,000 instances per month of people going on to listen to our stream. Obviously that doesn’t mean we have 100,000 individual listeners because lots of those hits will be multiple hits by the same person over several days – but it’s still pretty impressive ! Why not help us keep the station on air by sponsoring a link on this website or even taking an ad on the radio. It really is inexpensive with a 30 second ad costing as little as £1!

Call 01202 820003 for more information.

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